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Monday, August 26, 2013

~ breastfeeding! ~ (cerita basi kat draf!da lame kot benda neh!!!)


Yesterday...we talk about breastfeeding!yeah...now its a time for us to think bout that...think bout out new comer...zz jr!!!its already 7month and 1 day...Syukur Alhamdulillah...hope bless Allah always in my way!!insyaAllah....
what is breastfeeding??actually, for the first time i hear this word when i go for checkup at Hospital Besar Melaka...they talk bout this matter..and because of that,i search for more info regarding breastfeeding by my self!!walla....its a long time x menaip orang putih nie..tunggang langgang bahasa!!!hikhikhik...
i will share regarding BREASTFEEDING!!!

Breastfeeding is completely natural, and gives your baby the very best start in life by providing your baby with antibodies via the colostrum produced in the early days after birth. Although it is an entirely natural process it can be very difficult to get right, this can be a very emotional time for a new mother and having the right support around you is crucial to successful breastfeeding. It can take a few weeks for you and your baby to get the hang of it, but as time goes by it gets a lot easier

What you need to know

  • Breast milk has all the nutrients your baby needs to grow and develop for the first six months. It's been shown to support vital brain development and to give long-term health benefits.
  • Breast milk contains antibodies which help protect your baby against infections, including tummy upsets and ear infections.
  • Breast-fed babies are less likely to develop conditions such as eczema, asthma and diabetes.
  • Breast milk is always available at the right temperature, and there's no preparation involved.
  • Breast milk is free.
  • The World Health Organisation recommends breastfeeding until 2 years of age.
banyak lagi pasal breastfeeding nie...korang taip jek 'breastfeeding' kat tenet melambak kuar...kalau kite bekerja mesti kene pam!ade buku tau...buku guide untuk ibu bekerje nak wat bende nie...banyak bukunyer...saya da pinjam buku pasal nie dari kawan saya...malam tadi kami da baca sikit2...nak beli alat pam lagi tuh!wah...bole ker nie???hikhikhik...YAKIN BOLEH anazus!!!nanti boleh kembali selim cam dulu..hikhikhik...insyaAllah....


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